Recharge and get a Gift

Money giveaway! PetaExpress cloud platform is now offering a special promotion of "recharge and get a gift, recharge as much as you want and get the same amount in credit". The maximum bonus is $100
Newly registered users can enjoy a free trial of cloud servers,enjoy more discounts on cloud products after account activation

Promotions and Special Offers

Promotion Period
US Pacific Time

March 15st, 2024 to April 30st, 2024

If a user conceals, fabricates, cheats, or uses other abnormal means to abuse the event rules and obtain improper benefits during the event, PetaExpress reserve the right to withdraw relevant rewards, cancel the user's participation qualification in the event, cancel the illegal transactions, and pursue the legal action against the violating user if necessary.
Details of the event
Membership Exclusive
1.PetaExpress cloud customers: recharge and get a luxurious gift - recharge as much as you want and get the same amount for free bonus, with a maximum bonus of $100!
Recharge $5 and get $5 free, $10 and get $10 free, $50 and get $50 free, or $100 and get $100 free.
The first 20 applicants on the day will receive an additional $20 bonus, and the top3 applicants will receive an extra $50 bonus.
Event Location/
2.Free trial of cloud servers:
Rules of the Event
The bonus amount from recharge is valid for three months.Please consume it within the valid period.
If the user cancels the subscription due to their own reasons,the amount of the bonus already used should be returned of which may be deducted from the user's account balance.
The recharge bonus will be based on the first recharge amount during the event period.
After the recharge is completed, please submit a ticket to apply for the bonus amount from the recharge.
Bonus amount credited within 24h
Each customer can only apply once during the event period.Limited to 200 users daily
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