Enables Wide Area Network (WAN), Multi-location Networking with Intelligent Orchestration and Management, and Dedicated Connectivity between Cloud, Data Center, and Satellite Branches
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Seamless Cloud Integrations,Fast Hybrid Cloud Deployment,Optimizes Application Performance
Access Point
Pre-installed AI Chip,Edge Computing Integration,Edge Computing Capability
Dynamic BGP Network ,Mainstream ISP Connectivity,Stable and High-speed
GUI Network Management,Customizable User Interface,Monitoring and Optimization
Any-to-any Interconnections,HQ and Branche Connection,Enterprise and Cloud Interconnections
1-click Setup
Self-service activation,Dynamic Adjustment,Deploy in Minutes
Automatic Line Probing,Automatic Line Selection,Uninterrupted Connectivity
Active-passive Switching,Eliminate Single-point-of-failure,Network High Availability
Plug & Play
Out-of-the-box Activation,Multiple Network Modes,Legacy Integration
Capex Saving,Manpower Saving,Fast Rollover
Hybrid Cloud Networking
Hybrid Cloud connectivity through leased lines, Internet, 5G, MPLS-VPN etc.Automatic optimal route selection and 1-click connectivity adjustment
WAN Access
1-Click WAN network access through lease line, internet, MPLS-VPN, 5G etc., and improve your network quality through dynamic BGP intelligent routing
Edge Computing Use Cases
Edge computing through SD-WAN access points for access of your applications at edges of the cloud
WAN Networking
Instant interconnections between clouds, data centers, and branches, through secure, reliable and intelligent WAN network.
WAN Intelligent Management
Dynamic traffic load balancing and access path optimization through network monitoring and traffic analysis.Network nodes and connectivity optimization instantly through 1-click deployment
Use Cases
Hybrid Cloud Networking
Intelligent Access Points
Enterprise WAN
Disaster Recovery Network
Hybrid Cloud
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