Mirroring is a File Storage with Redundancy. Integrated with the OS and Popular Application Software, It Is Used as Templates to Create Server or Disk with the Convenience of 1-click Install. Besides Common Mirroring Provided by PetaExpress, You Can Create and Upload Your Own Mirroring for Your Own Host
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1-Click Deployment
1-click or batch deployment to your host
Multiple OSs
Mirroring with enhanced security and high stability.
Mirroring Sharing
Could be shared among users
Mirroring Market
Rich variety to choose from


Shared Mirroring
Share mirroring with others, or use others’ mirroring to create your hosts rapidly.
Private Mirroring
A mirroring created by a host, snapshot, or imported is visible by local user only.
Mirroring Migration
Migrate your mirroring to other availability zones.
Release Center
User could get paid for their mirroring published in the release center.
System mirroring
Mainstream Linux and Windows OS, and their latest versions are available. User name and password associated with local terminal can be found in the detailed mirroring description

Use Cases

Internet of Things


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