Based on Native Kubernetes, KubeSphere is a Highly Scalable and High-performance Enterprise-class Container Orchestration Platform
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Easy To Use
GUI interfaces allow even beginners to use our solution with ease
Cluster Management
Solo unified O&M with federated on-demand orchestration
Efficient Deployment
Unified cross-cloud application distribution and deployment, for disaster recovery and high-availability use cases
Business Engine
with successful deployments across industries like banking, e-commerce and manufacturing etc.
Security Management
GUI for network access management and precise management policies.
Inline Upgrade
Rolling hot upgrade to ensure the smooth operation of your applications.
High Performance
Ultra-fast, stable and secure performance for large-scale parallel computing
High Consistency
Certified Kubernetes consistency for native Kubernetes API compatibility and seamless migration.
Unified Management
Support aggregation management by the super user, or multi-cluster management by designated users or one-on-one management per cluster
Based of Prometheus Exporter standard with third-party application monitoring engine integration
Open Source
With GUI CI/CD toolchain, 1-click cross-platform deployment to container clusters significantly improves the deployment efficiency with full lifecycle management.
O&M Management
User-tenant permission management, multi-tenant resource sharing and isolation, elastic cluster scaling, real-time monitoring.

Use Cases

Microservice Architecture
Machine Learning
Elastic Scaling


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