Cloud Desktop

An Easy-to-use, Secure Enterprise-class Office Solution, Cloud Desktop Running over IaaS Offers a Secure Enterprise Digital Workspace.
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Centralized Operation,Unified Management, Direct distribution
Cost Saving
Lower Power Consumption and Labor Cost
Centralized Storage, Replication, Security Management


Desktop Group
Unified group specifications, such as software and hardware. Bind the user, and assign a desktop host with group definition.
Desktop Group Desktop (Centrally Managed) plus an Independent Desktop (Self-managed) for optimal flexibility.
Desktop Image
Desktop could be created from standard system images or user-defined images.
User Management
A user owns the desktop, network, disk etc. after the allocation of Desktop.
Three User Types: Ordinary User, Administrator, and Super Administrator.
User can customize their Desktop network for their Desktop host.

Use Cases

Enterprise Office
Call Center
R&D Application
Security Management


Performance Edition
The optimized storage technology provides a maximum I/O throughput of 128MB/s, designed for small businesses looking for value for money.
High-Performance Edition
The optimized storage technology with a maximum I/O throughput of 200MB/s and a random read/write performance of 25,000 IOPS, designed for large enterprises looking for high performance.
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