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With a Federated Architecture and Direct Network Connection between Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Private Data Center, Hybrid Cloud Is the Most Common Deployment Model for Enterprise Digital Transformation
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Cloud and Network Convergence
Cloud and Network Convergence: Diverse connectivity options deployed through customer console
Unified Architecture
Unified Architecture: Public and Hybrid Clouds with a unified architecture and consistent user experience for easy multi-cloud O&M
Cost Saving
Cost Saving: Reduces the TCO by more than 40% over 3-year vs public cloud only model
Unified Interface
Unified Interface: Manage multiple sets of heterogeneous resources with a unified multi-cloud management platform for simplified O&M


Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid cloud disaster recovery
Leveraging elasticity and granular billing of the public cloud for high concurrency and burst workloads
Private Cloud or IDC to ensure data security and compliances
Public to Private Cloud connectivity through GRE, IPSEC tunnel, SD-WAN or Dark Fibers
A consistent Public and Private experience through a unified architecture to reduce deployment cost
1-stop management of public cloud, private cloud, data center, and network infrastructure
Unified interface to integrate various cloud resources for effective management control
Multi-replica backup mechanism to ensure the security and reliability of VMs and data
Public to the Private Cloud connectivity through GRE, IPSEC tunnel, SD-WAN or Dark Fibers
Multi-point load balancing cluster for high service availability
Lower multi-region DR cost through simplified DR site construction and management
Elasticity of public or managed clouds to support disaster recovery operation on demand
Tailor-made hybrid cloud with end-to-end service spanning design, deployment and operation lifecycle

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