IoT Solutions
Integrated with the third-party partners for an IoT solution portfolio covering the hardware development, infrastructure cloud, messaging service to drive solution focused development
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Secure Access
Device access, device identity management and authentication to support robust High Availability IoT Business Operation
Open System
Open architecture with integration of third-party partners' devices, protocols, and algorithms for cross-industry IoT solutions.
Data Processing
High-performance compute, storage and load balancing cluster services optimized for IoT protocol and high concurrent access and data transfer
Multiple Protocols
IoT protocol support such as MQTT, WebSocket, CoAP, LwM2 M, IPv4, and IPv6 for diverse industry applications
IoT core with access to devices and systems, two-way communication, device shadow, device retrieval, etc.
Multiple data processing services to diversify data processing, and data storage options.
Big data and AI services to store, manage and analyze the collected data.
SD-WAN terminal to upload IOT device data to the cloud for the centralized processing.
Devices are managed and controlled on the cloud for comprehensive management of device monitoring, update, and security certification
Industry-focused and business-oriented data analysis such as traffic analysis, shopping mall traffic analysis etc.
Use Cases
Real-time Data Stream Process
High-Concurrency Business
Diversified Data Management
Streaming Data (e.g. real-time vehicle location, trajectory data, real-time terminal diagnostic data etc.) is transmitted directly from the message queue to the Spark Streaming computing engine with flexible selection of processing engines based on desired latency.
Diverse data storage services, including block storage, file storage, shared storage, object storage, etc., to achieve flexible data storage, backup, and archiving.
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