Security Group

Multiple Security Groups Could Be Created to Maximize the Protection of Your Hosts and Routers on Your Infrastructure.
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Open API
API Creation、API Removal、API Management、API Rules
Easy to use
GUI Interface、Creation and Removal、Replication and Addition、Multiple Rules
Enhanced Security
Default Security Policy, with Comprehensive Rules


Default port
All ports are closed at initialization with zero security group rules. Rules need to be created to open the corresponding port.
Batch management
The same characteristics as “IP/port Set” to set up a group of IPs or ports, with batch management on security group rules
Backup and rollback
Existing security group backup as a potential roll back at any time.

User Guide

Establish rules to open corresponding ports, as all ports of self-built security group are closed by default
Default security group for each user with only downlink ICMP protocol and TCP 22 port open


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