Load Balancer
Load Balancer Distributes the Traffics to Multiple Hosts, to Detect and Eliminate Single Point of Failure, and Improve the Throughput of Your Applications.
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Load balancer cluster,Spike traffic parallel processing,Up to 10 million concurrent access
Multiple Protocols
Multiple Protocols Support,Flexible configuration,Supports public and private networks,Backend application support
Symmetric and Asymmetric modes,Domain name and URL forwarding rules,Mix and Match self-defined Policies
Built-in Web application firewall,Rules for application protection,Content filtering to avoid damage
High Availability
Rapid cluster deployment across AZs,Flexible traffic distribution policy,Fast failed host isolation
Remote Log
Load Balancer log stream available on designated hosts
Transparent Proxy
Real IP of the clients available to hosts without any modification
SSL Certificate
With HTTPS listening mode, the load balancer supports SSL certificate.
Health Check
Automatically isolates abnormal hosts through periodic host health check
Cross-AZ Balancing
Distributes traffic to hosts across AZs through polling, least hops, and source IP address policies.
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Instance Creation
Back-end Host Group Creation
Monitoring Configuration
DNS Setup
Use Cases
High Concurrent Traffic
High Reliability
WEB Performance Optimization
Resource Group Management
HA Architecture
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