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Cloud Service with End-to-end Solutions for the e-commerce Industry to Effectively Manage Business Peaks and Facilitate Digital Transformation
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Rapid Integration
WAN access with intelligent scheduling service for private connectivity between cloud, data center and branch offices
Data Analysis
Online and offline integration, customer traffic management and conversion, and operational improvement
Security and Reliability
MySQL clusters and object storage to scale with high concurrency and burst traffic demand
Flexible Billing
Elastic IP Address (EIP) with flexible billing policies to optimize cost structure through automatic scaling


Supermarket Retail
Traditional retail to the new smart retail transformation with diversified and personalized products and services
Flexible resource scaling to optimize Capex
Rapid access and interconnection
Multi-replica for data security
Diverse Security Service (e.g. DDoS Cleaning, WAF)
Maximize resource utilization and reduce Capex
Fast network connectivity between multiple stores
Multi-replica ensures e-commerce transactions and data security
Protect against external attacks and ensure e-commerce system stability

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