Hyperconverged Systems

Full-stack Cloud Computing Capabilities and Cloud Platform Deployment in a Complete Software and Hardware Package. It Enables Effortless Horizontal Expansion of PaaS and SaaS Applications on Top of the Fully Integrated Compute, Storage, and Network Resources.
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Hyperconverged Systems Benefits

Unified Delivery
Full-stack cloud computing Auto-discovery and Configuration Fast Delivery
Deep Integration Easy node expansion Linear Capacity Expansion
Software and Hardware Optimization Enterprise-class Distributed SAN Low latency to 100 Mini-seconds
Multiple Dual-path server Consolidation Shared Hardware Rack Improved Density
Enterprise Cloud Platform
A Versatile Enterprise-grade Cloud Platform, the Enterprise Cloud Platform Provides the Full-stack Cloud Computing Capability to Build Up the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Services from Scratch. With Its Complete Set of Application Development, Delivery and Operation Capability, It Supports a Smooth Evolution from a Single Physical Machine to a Large-scale Cloud Computing Operation.

Platform Benefits

Years of R&D,Stable and Reliable,Battle Tested
Software-Defined,Platform Integration,Enterprise-class Robustness
Unified Architecture,Consistent Experience,Synchronized Management
Modular, Standardized,Cloud Enabled

Enterprise Cloud Platform Edition

Express Edition
Equipped with virtualized compute resources and distributed block storage systems for an easy-to-use enterprise-class cloud platform
Use Cases
Use Cases
Recommended Node Number:3 to 16 nodes
Standard Edition
Delivering the core IaaS services with virtualized compute, distributed storage, software-defined networking, load-balanced clusters, etc.
Use Cases
Small & Mid-size Enterprise
Recommended Node Number:6 to 1000+ nodes
Advanced Edition
Delivering the core IaaS services, plus the core PaaS and Container services with a complimentary enterprise Application Marketplace
Use Cases
Mid-size and Large enterprise
Recommended Node Number: 6 to 1000+
Enterprise Edition
Delivering a complete set of Iaas and PaaS services, with a complimentary enterprise Application Marketplace, Big Data Platform and associated metering and billing systems.
Use Cases
Large enterprise and public cloud platforms
Recommended Node Number: 6 to 1000+
For more information on use cases and technical architecture, please contact our customer service team.
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