Kafka Service

A Distributed, High-throughput, and Scalable Clustering Message Queue Service, Kafka Message Queue is Built on the Native Apache Kafka Environment
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High Elasticity and Scalability
Out of the box, with elastic scaling
Security and Reliable Maintenance
100% Layer 2 network isolation to ensure user data security and automatic health check
Easy to Use and Low Cost
A cluster deployment in minutes, 1-click operation, automatic O&M, and cost saving.
Open-source Extension Compatibility
Flexible network configuration, and Kafka broker support.


Cluster management
Kafka-manager is installed to manage and monitor multiple Kafka clusters.
Automated O&M
Automated O&M, Reducing the Cost of Operation
Monitoring and Alarm
Monitoring and alarm Services for Kafka Monitoring at Node Level.
Elastic Scaling
Horizontally, On-demand Cluster Node Expansion and Seamless Upgrade without Business Interruption. Vertically, Compute and Storage Node Capacity Scaling in Cluster, including the Node CPU, Memory, and Disk.

Use Cases

Event Center
Log Storage System
Website Activity Tracking
Stream Computing and Processing
Data Transfer Hub


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