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Elastic Compute Service provides secure, reliable, ultra-fast, and elastically scalable computing services. Computing resources can be scaled up or down at any time, and real-time billing is based on
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Fully Customizable
With various instance types OSs etc to support maximum instance optionality
Auto Scalability
Controlled by the customized rules on the host, the capacity can be automatically scaled up or down in real-time
Stability and Reliability
Sophisticated policy and underlying network technology are designed to ensure data security and service availability.
Mature distributed block storage technology significantly improves disk read and write capacity to meet the requirements of ultra-high IOPS.
Instant Deployment
Deployed within tens of seconds, regardless of the number of elastic compute services being created concurrently.
Comprehensive Protection
High-performance firewall and DDoS protection to ensure stable business operation.
Data Security
99.97% service availability and 99.9999% data reliability

Use Cases

Big Data
Online Education
WEB Application


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