RabbitMQ Service
RabbitMQ is a Distributed Message Queue System with High-availability and High-concurrency, Based on the AMQP Protocol and Fully Compatible with the Open Source RabbitMQ.
Deploy Now
Easy to Use
1-Click cluster deployment in minutes.Simple, Fast and Seamless Migration
Enhanced feature
Enhanced scalability above the native Large-scale Node Deployment with Ease
Powerful Performance
On-demand Scaling without Concurrency Limitations.Elastic Scaling with High Performance
Security and Stability
Triple Security Protections
Supports AMQP, MQTT, STOMP, WebSockets, among other protocols
Complete O&M tools
Automated O&M to Help Users Quickly Pinpoint and Resolve Issues
Flexible routing
With direct, topic, headers, and fanout routing, enables switch combination and customization.
Load balancing
Integrated with HAProxy Load Nalancer, It Supports Highly-available Load Balancing Mode through Keepalived.
Real-time monitoring
Comprehensive Monitoring of Host Status, with Customizable Monitoring and Alerting Policies.
Use Cses
Traffic Peak Shaving
Application Decoupling
Massive Queue Distribution
Consumer Traffic Shaping
Smooth Auto-scaling
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