EHPC Cloud Solution for Education & Research

Based on Cluster Platform Architecture, It Integrates Software Related to Simulation, Automotive, Biomedical, Chemical and Geophysical Industries for Education and Research
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Breaking down Silos
Supports collaborative projects of different campuses, departments, schools, and scientific research institutions, for academic research
Scaling with HPC
Scalable compute and storage with supercomputing for research and HPC
Plug-in and Cloud-Ready
On-demand cloud resources, with no procurement cost or project delay.


300+ applications from various industries integrated for university and scientific research
Resource sharing, data sharing, and offsite collaboration across colleges, disciplines and campuses, to breakdown organizational barriers
Application software for scientific research of high-performance computing services related to high-energy physics research, chemistry and chemical research, high-performance materials research, biogenetic research, mechanical engineering, energy power, etc.
Integrated Algorithm: Integrated with application software, MPI interface to save time and effort in the preparation of scientific research and calculations
Scientific Research Focus: The supercomputing power with scaling on-demand to support agile innovation in scientific research
Data Sharing and Collaboration: Shared file storage enables research to be shared at any time and supports cross-project cross-region collaboration.

Use Cases

Multi-branch Collaboration
Research Sharing Management
Any resource comes and goes
The resource service based on shared storage and public cloud allows users to access data and cluster resources anytime and anywhere
Customizable Scientific research data sharing stored on the cloud to fit any requirements.
Flexible and customizable data management model
Adequate security measures on the cloud to minimize the security risks
Elastic on-demand compute and storage resources to fit your research budget
Shared queue model for personal research, and small projects. Pay-as-you-go billing
For more information on use cases and technical architecture, please contact our customer service team.
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