EHPC Industrial Simulation Cloud

Built on Public Cloud Platform, It Integrates Supercomputing Resources, CAE Parallel Computing, Computing Resource Scheduling, Resource Management for Software and Hardware, Remote Graphic Desktop, CAE Professional Application, and Provides Simulation Computing Solutions for Industrial Simulation Applications.
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Auto-scaling, Cost Saving
Scale capacity per queuing demand, saving investment and optimizing workload
Data Security and Reliability
The post-processing data is available on the cloud and for download.
Superior Performance
Intel Xeon 6258R CPU; NVIDIA RTX6000 GPU card; IB network; Lustre Commercial Release.
Mature O&M
Ready-to-use in minutes, multiple simultaneous logins for collaborative work.


The design and simulation system adopts different resource configurations, matching computing resources to workloads.
Centralized data management such as pre-modeling, job calculation and post-processing reduces the data transmission time.
Centralized resources and applications management allow users to focus on their industrial research.
Flexible and Zero Queuing: On-demand scaling, ready-to-use, and no waiting time.
Unlimited Computing Power: Rapid access to more computing nodes, and verify the design simulation instantly
Usage-based Billing: Use queues or clusters on-demand with flexible billing.
Out-of-box: Applications readily available to model and solve complex simulation applications anytime and anywhere.

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