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A Software-defined Shared File Storage Service with a Fully Distributed architecture, File Storage Features Superior Performance, Scalability, Data Protection and Compatibility


Excellent Performance
Security and Reliability
Enterprise Features
Excellent Scalability
Business Adaptation


Allocates storage resources on demand, and replenishes storage space from the back-end pool automatically.
Flexibility in the number of replications, specifying the storage by replications, and replication policy.
Online Configuration
Scaling, migration and data recovery, and arbitrary designation for trigger time with zero disruption to upper layer applications.
Load Balance
Intelligent DNS backed Load Balancing to leverage processing capacity of each cluster node.
Data Compression
Compression before new write through Intelligent compression
Access Protocols
Support multiple standard access protocols concurrently.
Encrypts data online with key-based permission management to improve data security.
RDMA for communication between nodes, and supports InfiniBand, RoCE, and iWARP.
Auto Switchover
Switchover for multipathing or node failure, with multiple network connectivity to ensure service availability.
GUI Management
A GUI portal with diverse functions enables you to configure and operate clusters with ease.

Use Cases

Enterprise Office
Security Monitoring
Medical Imaging
Enterprise File Sharing
For more information on use cases and technical architecture, please contact our customer service team.
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