O&M Monitoring Tool

Designed to Meet Customers' O&M Requirements, this Tool Includes Timers, Operation logs, Labels, Recycle Bins, Health Checks, Monitoring and Alerting, Mobile Device Management Consoles etc.
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nfrastructure and Code
Designed for Administrator、 Easy to use、Real-time monitoring
Granular monitoring
Minute-level statistics at any time,Custom monitoring and alerting,Automated action per monitoring alerts
Open API
Comprehensive APIs for all functions,Detailed API documentation
API calls anytime
API calls anytime from the command-line tool,API call encrypted to ensure security


Monitoring Items
Dozens of monitoring items, available at 1 minute or 5 minutes setting
Classify and group cloud resources to facilitate easy management
Operation Log
Up to 50 operation history records, available for export.
Recycle bin
Data retention and recovery up to 2 hours to ensure data security and privacy
Pre-set or repeat during a defined duration for task execution, for single or batched operations.
Mobile Console
Logged in through mobile devices, the console could monitor and manage the resources across our entire product line.
Use Cases
Monitor and O&M all resources as needed


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