Converged Media Solutions
Integrated solution of cloud, network, edge, and PC for media industry to meet the challenge of rapid content production, hotspot production, live streaming etc.
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Centralized Orchestration Management
Centralized management and operation of compute, storage, network, and security resources under a hybrid cloud architecture.
Efficient Processing
Image inversion, image scaling, image watermarking, video transcoding, video frame extraction etc., for superior multimedia file processing.
Unified Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Integrated infrastructure, data, platform and data layers under a Unified Public Cloud and Private Cloud architecture.
Foster Innovations
Leveraging big data, machine learning, and micro-service framework to unleash the creativity of media industry.
Features & Benefits
Converged Media with information standardization, application sharing and integration
Fully Integrated infrastructure, data, business and user layers
Enhance the functionalities of media platform with the new Hybrid Cloud capabilities
Explore business intelligence through content warehouse and media analysis center
Facilitate business integration and data sharing through unified Hybrid Cloud solution on demand
A consistent user experience through a unified GUI, Operation and Management platform
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