Web Application Firewall

Assisted by Big Data and Machine Learning, Web Application Firewall (WAF) Filters Various Web Application Attacks and Ensures Smooth Web Applications Operation.
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Targeted Protection
Full Attack Coverage、Thorough Protection、Real-time Protection
High Availability
Clustering with Load Balancing、Frontend Concurrent Deployment、Dynamic Scaling
Customizable Policy
On-Demand、Observation Mode、Blocking Mode


Customizable Policy
Protection policies customizable per your business requirements, with a bypass observation mode to test and evaluate new application launch.
CC Attack Migration
Dual algorithm detection on slow CC attacks, coupled with human-machine identification to block brute-force attacks, malicious crawlers etc.
Web Rules
200+ protection rules, covering more than 30 types of common Web attacks
Massive Log File
WAF logs combined with ELK services seamlessly to facilitate centralized WAF log management
0-day Vulnerability Patch
7×24 security monitoring, with real-time protection based on 0-day vulnerability information

Use Cases

Data Leakage Detection
Malicious CC Attacks
0day Vulnerability Attacks
DDoS Attacks


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