Smart Environmental Protection Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) Integrated in the Environmental Field with Cloud Computing Technologies (IoT, Big Data, AI etc.) to Foster Innovations and Intelligent Business Practices
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High Accuracy
Pollution control monitoring to ensure the integrity and validity of monitoring data
Data Processing
Edge collaboration mechanism, massive data processing and high-speed data mining
Smart environmental management integrated with regulatory workflow
Customizable environmental monitoring management


Millions of devices access and data processing with efficient asynchronous processing
Predictive inference, analysis, identification, prediction, simulation, and rehearsal
Data deduplication, anomaly detection, normalization for the data cleansing
Batch and stream processing of massive data using Hadoop, Spark, Storm etc
Monitoring integration, including comprehensive ecological monitoring data, water and soil environment
Collaborative management mechanism integrating environmental law enforcement, monitoring, emergency response, decision-making etc
Data sharing across industry platforms, with intelligent modeling and decision-making workflow
Intelligent decision making based on real-time and predictive data for environmental assessment

Use Cases

Smart Traceability
Data Governance
Image Recognition Model: Automate detection for dump truck without cover, site vehicle cleaning, flooding, dust, vehicle black smoke, illegal emitting, construction tower crane spray, building site without cover, dust suppression with spray, garbage truck water pollution
Environmental Prediction, Traceability Model: Pollution traceability, air quality prediction
Air quality + Pollution Monitoring: Identify pollution sources by the pollution distribution pattern
Air quality + Pollution + Meteorological Data: Enabling accurate traceability and air quality forecast
Air Quality + Environmental Assessment + Discharge Data: Auxiliary decision-making for project approval
Air Quality + Pollutant Data + Emission Trading data: Auxiliary decision-making on pollutant discharge permit
Pollution Emission + Fine Data + Public Complaints + Credit Rating: Auxiliary decision-making for operation approval
Air Quality + Radiation Data: Analysis of parameters such as O3 and VOC for radiation risk
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