Hybrid Cloud

Deployed Across Both Public and Private Clouds with Data Stored in Secure Private Cloud and Front-end Running in Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Enables Customers to Leverage the Best of Both Worlds and Is Becoming the Default Model for Most Enterprises.
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Hybrid Cloud – Essential to Digital Transformation

Optionality with the Privacy of the Private Cloud and Flexibility of the Public Cloud
Unshackles Private Cloud’s Hardware Limitation with Scalability of the Public Cloud
Cost Optimization
Optimize the Cost and Maximize the Business Benefits Simultaneously.
High Availability
Ubiquitous Connectivity for Easy Access to Your Cloud Services


Varying Public and Private Cloud Vendors’ Competing Solutions Overwhelm Your System Admin.
Typical Hybrid Cloud Solutions TCO Far Exceed Your Limited Budgets
Various Public and Private Cloud Vendors’ Technical Stacks Resulting in Huge Burdens to Your IT Team
1-Click Nirvana
1-Click Hybrid Cloud Deployment, Integration and Migration Remains a Dream to Most Vendors


Unified Architecture
A Consistent User Experience on Both Public and Private Clouds Leads to Easy and Cost-effective O&M
Deep Integration
Integrates Various Network Connectivity Options through User Consoles for Easy Hybrid Cloud Deployment
Unified Interface
Manage Multi-vendor Cloud Resources Through the Unified Management Dashboard
Cost Reduction
Public Cloud + Managed Cloud for Substantial Saving against Public Cloud
Core Applications and Data at Your Private Cloud Connected through Point-to-point or Cloud Exchange to External Applications on the Public Cloud for Seamless Hybrid Cloud Operation
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