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With High-performance Big Data Components of Data Collection, Storage, Processing and Display to Drive Business Intelligence through Big Data
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Ultra-high Concurrency
Online elastic scaling without data migration to meet the performance challenges from large data volume and high concurrency requests.
Data Security and Reliability
Secure, reliable and low-cost cloud storage services with 99.999999999% data persistence and 99.99% service availability
Open Eco-system
Third-party tools like machine learning, algorithm modeling for your complete Big Data Solution
Efficient Resource Utilization
Compute and storage separation architecture reduces cost and increases utilization by 50% vs binding architecture


Data Lake
Big Data
Massive low-cost data storage, unlimited scalability and multiple data types for environmental monitoring analysis, industrial and traffic data analysis etc.
Compute storage separation architecture, with the data stored in the object storage and the compute on Greenplum kernel-based MPP engine
Unlimited horizontal expansion with the performance increases linearly with the storage capacity
The hot and cold data management feature of HashData for query performance
Compute storage separation architecture significantly reduces server cost while ensuring query requirements
Secure and reliable cloud storage service with 99.999999999% data persistence and 99.99% service availability
Storage costs only 1/10 of traditional solutions, while ensuring data query performance
Built with mainstream big data components and basic cloud services for log analysis, customer service and business data analysis etc
Based on Linux container technology (LXC), avoiding the IO loss of KVM virtualization and near bare-metal performance
Collection, storage and conversion of multiple data types, structures and patterns to effectively solve the data complexity challenge
Online real-time elastic scaling to enhance business processing capabilities
Meet big data high-performance requirements while reducing investment and increasing utilization
Intuitive 1-click operation to complete the deployment of a big data cluster in minutes
Maximizes resource utilization and to support rapid business growth on demand

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