Account Security

Secondary Authentication Policies, SMS Notification, and Operation Logs etc. to Enable Robust User Account Security and Ensure Privacy and Data Security.
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Security Mechanism

Login Password
Encrypted and Stored on Our Cloud platform with HTTPS underlies our entire web services, for secure credentials storage and transition.
Secondary Authentication
Two-factor authentication encryption technology to authenticate with your password and dynamic password for authorized login.
SMS Notification
3 failed attempts in password or secondary authentication will trigger a SMS notification to confirm authorized account owner is the one trying to log on.
Temporary Session
Once enabled, the browser will not record your login status after you close the browser. This option is designed for temporary computer login or multi-user operation.
Login History
The Security Center keeps the record of the latest 100 logins, including login time, login IP address, and login platform information. The device ID of the client will also be recorded if a mobile client is integrated. It allows you to flag any suspicious login outside the normal range of these parameters from your login history
Account Lock
Once enabled, all resources under the account will be “read-only”. Click “Account Lock” in the navigation bar at the top of the console, then enter the password. Changes to the resources under this account will be blocked, until you unlock the account from “Account Lock”
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