Streaming Solution
One-stop streaming solutions from transmission, storage, video-on-demand to live streaming through Cloud Services such as VM, Object Storage, and CDN.
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Massive Storage
Tiered storage for hot data and cold data, Low-frequency storage for long time preservation and video storage cost optimization
Low latency
CDN and high-speed BGP video distribution networks, with the former guaranteeing 1 second latency and the latter 100 milliseconds latency
High Concurrency
Multi-layer distributed architecture with instant dynamic scaling and massive CDN nodes footprint for million plus concurrency capacity.
Cost Optimization
On-demand deployment and second-level billing for dynamic resource management and cost optimization.
Live Streaming
One-stop live streaming and media interactive solution for interactive apps such as WeChat applets, live video quizzes, multi-team question answering etc.
Two distribution networks: CDN and high-speed BGP
Terminal SDKs such as iOS, Android, Windows, and WeChat applets.
Multi-tiered distributed architecture for dynamic scaling, to ensure million plus concurrent interactions.
Effectively reduces network latency and improves live transmission quality.
Easy-to-use terminal interface for rapid configuration and deployment.
Massive concurrent request capability to push questions and collect answers, and deliver optimal real-time user interaction.
Video transmission, video storage, video playback, elastic scaling, and data analysis for popular use cases such as video-on-demand, social applications, online education etc.
Object storage for video storage
Automatic scaling of bandwidth and relational databases.
One-stop video processing service, integrated with Big Data Platform
Unlimited object storage services to effectively meet video storage requirements
Automatic scaling up and down per workload to optimize operational cost.
Out-of-the-box big data analysis platform with full data analysis capabilities for video files
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