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Jointly with Third-party Security Partners, We Provide Customized Solutions for Enhanced Application Systems and Data Security
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Rich security product portfolio allows customized security solution for any security requirements
Open Ecosystem
A neutral, open and win-win ecosystem anchors the complete and trustworthy security offerings
Data Privacy
Respecting users' data ownership and privacy rights, we strictly abide by our data privacy policy
ISO9001 Certification, ISO27001 Certification, Trusted Cloud Service Certification, CMMI 3 Certification


100% Layer 2 isolation from other tenants, DDoS attack protection ensures the stability and reliability of your applications
WAF HTTPS anomaly detection, SSH secret key login to ensure cloud hosting login security, database protection
Cloud platform authentication and authorization, SSH key management, resource access role authorization, and operation auditing
Multi-replica mechanism to ensure data reliability against server-level or data center-level failures
Ensure network access security with secure and reliable access protection policies
Multi-access security protection to ensure secure and stable operation of applications
Complete user access security policy to ensure the security of cloud platform accounts
Rapid recovery of customer data even after the most severe failure

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