High Availability DR Solution
Build high-availability and disaster recovery capability for your business applications across multiple Availability Zone to effectively enhance your business continuity.
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Seamless Switchover
When disaster strikes in one availability zone, other availability zones are unaffected and back up the failed zone seamlessly
Resource Utilization
Through load balancing, database, and storage technology services, the Disaster Recovery Center could share the production workload on top of its normal responsibilities.
Robust Service
Distributed storage allocates network traffic and workload evenly, to expand the capability and network concurrency so as to enhance service robustness.
Intelligent Management
Monitoring and alerting, QoS and load balancing, data cloning and backup, ACL access control, and permission management improve the efficiency of O&M management.
NeonSAN Disaster Recovery
High Availability Across Multi-AZ
Multi-pronged application data protection through real-time replication and asynchronous replication of storage, such as high-availability master and slave, to ensure smooth business operation
Synchronization between the master Zone and the backup Zone through the resource scheduling of the Cloud Platform
Neonsan-based asynchronous and synchronous disaster recovery ensures that both cloud disks and shared database storage can be replicated to the remote nodes.
The disaster recovery management system provides drill capabilities to perform disaster recovery exercises and verify system reliability at any time.
Establishes disaster recovery system and full lifecycle management per application, to effectively meet unique requirements of disaster recovery and RPO in various service scenarios.
The backup zone can quickly establish the same application architecture with the master zone through resource scheduling, and manage the automatic data synchronization to provide a solid foundation for disaster recovery of upper-layer business applications.
A complete drill switchover plan for disaster recovery ensures the long-term stability and reliability of the disaster recovery system.
With an application architecture supporting multi-AZ deployment running on top of multiple interconnected Availability Zones (AZ), it can truly support High-Availability application deployment across multiple AZ
High Availability architecture designed in from the infrastructure, IaaS and PaaS layer.
A VPC can be deployed across availability zones without GRE or IPSEC connections
Hybrid Cloud/Managed Cloud users can connect their sub-zones to the Public Cloud through SD-WAN, and Private Cloud users can deploy the full set of solutions behind their firewalls.
Enhances system reliability, improves business continuity, protects business operations from disasters, and meets enterprise security and compliance requirements.
Applications are protected from interruption and service continuity is ensured even when an availability zone is down.
Network latency between available zones is less than 1.5ms, ensuring business access speed.
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