EHPC Life Science Cloud

One-stop Solution for Life Science Innovations such as Gene Sequencing Analysis, Sample Screening, Protein Structure Prediction, Molecular Dynamics Simulation
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CPU and GPU, Lustre shared storage and IB network for high read and write from high-volume computing nodes
Elastic resources for business peaks and the burst workloads through dynamic scaling
Pre-configured with life science software with one click deployment to jump start your project
Fine-granular access control, permission management and operation log to meet regulatory requirements


Customizable shared directories with fast data upload and download for genetic data and meta data preview
Pre-configured with applications such as: Amber, SAMTools, VarScan to jumpstart your research
Start your project with the flexibility of either GUI or command line options
Dynamically scaling compute and storage resources
Flexible billing with queue or cluster options to save time and money
Pre-configured bioscience and bioinformatics applications on-demand
1-stop service for data transfer, software application, and computing resources

Use Cases

Protein Structure Prediction
Gene Sequencing Analysis
Pre-configured applications such as protein structure prediction, nucleic acid, or protein sequence homology comparison
GPU nodes and storage resources on-demand for protein structure modeling and prediction evaluation
Prediction models available online (or download) for visual analysis and evaluation of protein structures
Out-of-the-box computing resources and applications for bioinformatics workloads with high efficiency, low cost, flexibility and reliability
CPU and GPU computing nodes (NVIDIA A100) for data analysis and variation sample detection workloads
Sample analysis and mutation detection available online or sharing within cluster
For more information on use cases and technical architecture, please contact our customer service team.
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