Enterprise Cloud Platform

A Versatile Enterprise-grade Cloud Platform, the Enterprise Cloud Platform Provides the Full-stack Cloud Computing Capability to Build Up the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Services from Scratch. With Its Complete Set of Application Development, Delivery and Operation Capability, It Supports a Smooth Evolution from a Single Physical Machine to a Large-scale Cloud Computing Operation.
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Seamless Upgrade
Architected on a consistent underlying code base, it supports smooth migration and integration between Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
Easily integrated with heterogeneous ecosystems, with comprehensive hardware and OS support, rich API support
With its roots from the public cloud, enhancements such as Metering and Billing, Application Operation, O&M Management make it an ideal platform for any Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud operations
Comprehensive Features
Fully-integrated IaaS and PaaS service platform with the associated BOSS management capabilities, plus easy extensions to SaaS management framework and the App Marketplace.
Mature Technology
The Cloud Platform has been battle tested with more than 10 years of PetaExpress public cloud operation and thousands of private cloud deployments

Use Cases

Disaster Backup
Digital Transformation
Hybrid Cloud
For more information on use cases and technical architecture, please contact our customer service team.
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