Object Storage

Enterprise-grade General-purpose Distributed Storage Service for Massive Unstructured Data, Object Storage Is Software Only or Software Hardware Integrated Bundle Designed for Data Storage and Data Flow Center. It Supports Multiple Protocols for Access, with Optimized User Experience and Storage Costs.
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Multiple Data Redundancy Models,Data Replicated across Regions,Extensive Coverage
Multi-tenant with Full Isolation,Diverse Security Mechanism,SSL Secure Transmission
Elastic Scaling
Cluster Storage and Support,Smooth Access Cluster Expansion,Linear Concurrent Scalability
Cost Saving
Mass Storage with X86 Architecture,Minimal Cost to Start,Automated O&M & Low TCO
Hosts Static Web Pages Instantly,Static and Dynamic Content Separation,Reduce Web Services Workload
Tiered Storage
Unified Architecture and Orchestration,Multiple Heterogeneous Storage Clusters,Individual Cluster Expansion


Hybrid Cloud DR
Data Lifecycle Management
Cloud Native Integration
Big Data
Multimedia Processing
Website Hosting and Content Delivery
Multimedia Data Processing
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