Cloud Express

With the Industry-leading Software-defined Technology as the Core, CloudExpress is an Integrated Platform of Computing, Storage, and Networking Designed for Enterprise Digital Transformation with Superb Performance, High Reliability, Scalability, and Ease of Use. It Enables Agile Business with Greater Flexibility, and Lower Operating Costs.
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With an intuitive user console and minimalist interface, CloudExpress enables you to quickly deploy and manage all the core functions and services


Compute Storage Integration
Compute and storage services are deeply integrated and optimized to replace proprietary storage devices, resulting in millions of IOPS, high throughput, and low latency. CloudExpress enables efficient and elastic resource orchestration, concurrent virtual resources creation and isolation.
Stable and Reliable
With the fully distributed architecture, resources automatically migrate to the rest of the pool whenever any node fails. 1 to 3 replicas to ensure data integrity, and it has been battle tested with by our public cloud and thousands private cloud production environments.
Efficient O&M Management
Distributed resource orchestration with share-nothing structure and zero master node effectively prevents system-wide failure. The AI robot monitors software KPIs in real-time, tracks operation logs and historical performance, and feeds data for intelligent decision making by robot leader. The entire process is fully automated without manual intervention.
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