Relational Database
Known as “the most advanced open-source database”, PostgreSQL is the most popular relational database and plays a powerful role in the geospatial and mobile application areas.
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Instant Provision
A complete database in seconds.
Inline Scaling
Scaling without business interruption.
Multiple Engines
Supports PostgreSQL-9.6, PostgreSQL-10 and PostgreSQL-11
High Availability
Master-replica synchronization, monitoring and alerting etc
Spatial Processing
PostGIS extension plug-in and spatial database support
Perl, pgSQL, Tcl, and JavaScript support.
Comprehensive Search
Support function indexing, partial (row) indexing, custom indexing, full-text indexing, etc.
Data Types
Geometry, Network address, XML, JSON, RANGE, Array, etc.
Use Case
GIS Geographic Information System
Enterprise-class Commercial Database
OLAP Query Acceleration
Enterprise PostgreSQL
IOT Rapid Development
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