Backup and restore hard disks at the block device level.
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Incremental Backup
Copy the incremental content to a copy of full backup plus multiple copies of incremental content to manage storage efficiently
Parallel Backup
Makes parallel backups of multiple hard disks of the same host to ensure the consistency of hard disk data.
Online Backup
no need to suspend business or stop disk reading and writing for running hosts, and avoids performance losses of disk I/O, to ensure service continuity.
Basic Backup
Backup for both system disk and data disk of the host.
Migrate Backup
Migrate backup copy to other availability zones.
Online backup
Back up for a running host or data disk without affecting or interrupting services.
Parallel Backup
Multiple hard disks on the same host can be backed up at the same time to ensure data consistency.
Full or Incremental Backup
Full or incremental backups for the hard disks (including system disk and data disk)A new backup chain will be created during full backups,and all the subsequent backups will be incremental by default
Backup Chain
A hard disk can have multiple backup chains. Each backup chain contains a full backup and multiple incremental backups. You can restore from any backup copy at any time.
Use Cases
Scheduled Data Backup
Scheduled System Backup
Scheduled Backup
Multi-copy Backup
Online Backup
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