Geographic Information Cloud

Based on the GPU Desktop Cloud and Hyper-converged Cloud Platform, It Enables Achieve R&D Code Security While Improving the R&D Efficiency. It Is also a Secure and Effective Remote Rork and Multi-branch Collaboration Solution
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Business Challenges

Network Bottleneck
How to ensure smooth network connectivity and fast interaction between branches and the headquarters
Code Security
How to prevent the core code/core data from leaking out, and protect code integrity with security event audit
Data Management
How to ensure centralized storage and unified classified data management, and prevent data leaks to terminal devices
Remote Collaboration
How to ensure the R&D data of the outsourcing/on-site/home-office team is synchronized to the head office
Remote Access
How to optimize application experience for remote demo by your off-site sales team
On-demand Resource
How to dynamically scale and allocate R&D resources to optimize application development platform cost
Device Management
How to effectively control hardware mapping and USB software lock of computer peripherals to ensure resource security
Terminal O&M Cost
How to manage, operate, and maintain a large quantity of terminal equipment cost effectively


Security: Adopts desktop lifecycle management with no data export, and prevents confidential data leakage and supports audit export
Collaboration: Resource isolation, content sharing and collaboration based on project team setup and requirements
Efficiency: Reduces O&M personnel cost and improves asset operation management
Agility: Achieves an agile development and testing integration process and delivers an integrated development and testing environment
Extension: Ideal for remote multi-branch development, home office development, and off-shore development scenarios
Core Code Security: Core code and confidential data protected from leaks, with project code integrity ensured and asset security event audit on demand
Off-site Office Management: The R&D data of the home office, outsourcing and on-site project team updated and synchronized to the head office in real time
Resources On Demand: Dynamic scaling of R&D resources on demand and greatly reducing the cost of the application development
Remote Access: Ensure smooth demo of your applications by your off-site sales team
Peripherals Management: Computer hardware mapping and USB software lock, which can effectively control and secure peripheral resources
Network Bandwidth and Security: Ensures fast application interaction between branches and the headquarters

Use Cases

O&M Management and Audit Monitoring
Multi-Region Extension
Develop Resources on Demand
Zero Confidential Data Leak
No Export of R&D Codes
Improves Internal Control: Assessment of enterprise security and the tracing of incidents, to ensure appropriate internal security management
Internal Threat Monitoring: Discover internal threats such as high-risk O&M commands, modifying the registry, changing the system clock, uninstalling protection software, opening encrypted files, etc
Data Flow Monitoring: Monitors the flow to ensure code and data security
Behavior Audit: Monitor Sensitive operations, sensitive data, and core assets manager activities etc
Enhanced Security Postures: ISO27001 Security Specification, Desktop Cloud Security Audit
Centralized plus branch deployments for a unified access gateway and login authentication portal, enhanced by global load balancing
Preset security domains under the same security model for both headquarters and satellite sites
WAN acceleration and virtual WAN between headquarters and branches based on SD-WAN to ensure network transmission stability and throughput, and encrypted data transmission
1-click desktop cloud services deployment using SD-WAN (Multi-zone Unified Cloud Management Platform)
Based on Desktop Cloud, resources are allocated on-demand to improve utilization
Desktop development through 1-click deployment to kick-start your development, saving your time and effort for development environment setup
Load balancing and GPU/CPU memory sharing across data centers, through intelligent cloud orchestration. It optimizes resource utilization, and reduces manual workloads
Confidential data are centrally stored and managed in the data center
Data stored in data center by partition, such as original data backup storage partition, processing data storage partition, and processed data storage partition
Operators log in to the cloud desktop through the thin client and carry out data production processing after authentication
The processed data stored in its own storage area and is available to the application server
The data processing area is physically isolated from the data center and available unidirectionally to desktops on the LAN, so that no data will leave its isolated storage area
The operation log is monitored in real time to prevent leakage
Tiered networks: Terminals, Internet desktops, R&D desktops, and R&D resource centers are isolated
The terminal zone and Internet desktops are fully connected
Only terminal to the desktop data flow is permitted between the terminal zone and the R&D desktop
The Internet desktop and the R&D desktop data flow is blocked through network isolation
Internal and external applications are isolated from each other and connected to the Internet desktop and the R&D desktop respectively

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