Financial Industry Solutions
Secure and reliable solutions for banks, insurance, securities, Internet finance etc. to help financial customers drive innovations through the Cloud.
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Stability and Reliability
With One-master-multi-slave and master-slave over multi-zones architecture, MySQL Plus delivers High Availability, Data Consistence, Business Continuity for Financial Service Industry
Physical Isolation
Exclusive physical resources isolated from other customers to meet exclusive, secure, and compliance requirements of the financial industry.
Multiple data protection solutions such as active migration, multiple data replica mechanisms, backup policy, disaster recovery etc., to meet Compliance requirements
SO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification, Trusted Cloud Service Certification, CMMI 3 Certification, etc.
Securities Industry
Insurance Industry
Banking Industry
Tailored for Security Industry to Meet the Challenges of Distributed Customer Access, Demanding Network Performance with Spiky Work Loads to ensure stable and continuous operations
Centralized management of primary and backup data centers and three data centers across two regions through Cloud Platform and NeonSAN.
Rapid deployment of PaaS services such as database, middleware, big data, and AI to support Security Business.
Managed VMs, Containers, Physical Servers, GPU Hosts, and Resource Pool Services
Software-defined Distributed Storage to store and manage unstructured data and structured data separately.
Centralized management for data centers, distributed storages for real-time, and asynchronous or synchronous disaster recovery
Diverse PaaS Services from AppCenter to meet all facets of securities business requirements
VMs, Containers, Physical Hosts etc., to support Security Business Workloads
Database files, dual-channel data, electronic contracts, and OA attachments stored in different storage for data separation, storage, and centralized management.
Exclusive Cloud and Private Cloud Solutions to support Insurance Industry customers with highly-available disaster recovery architecture, and meet Compliance Requirements
Optionality: Bare metal servers, VM instances, Container Instances, GPU Instances,
Software-defined storage on x86 architecture for structured and unstructured data storage.
KubeSphere Container Platform to Support DevOps and Microservices with Desktop Cloud + Terminal Management for the isolation and protection of sensitive data.
Software-defined Storage connected through dark fibers and long-distance lease lines for same-city multi-active, offsite disaster recovery capability.
Accelerate next-gen technologies (AI, image recognition, high-performance computing etc.) adoptation in the insurance business.
Centralized management of insurance data such as traditional commercial databases, video files, voice files, and electronic documents.
Ensures the security of sensitive data while achieving the rapid release and iteration of innovative insurance business.
Assis Digital Transformation with use cases such as App Development and Testing, Disaster Recovery, Big Data, Machine Learning etc.
Builds financial data center fault tolerance, based on Zone and Region architecture.
Improve service levels with configurable service catalog and automatic and elastic Cloud Services
Supports the bank's Internet business, traditional business, and DevOps practice, and provides platform support for massive online transaction business scenarios.
Provides O&M operation platform and billing features to quantify operation costs and serve the internal and external banking ecosystem.
Upgrade legacy cloud and desktop cloud to enhance the efficiency of system operation and management.
Simplify and improve O&M services with Self-Service and Federated Cloud Management Model
Embraces agile and innovative development with Agile Support and Microservices Cloud
Open Financial Cloud to connect the vibrant ecosystem of innovative solutions
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