Hybrid Cloud Storage

With a Unified Public and Private Cloud Storage Architecture, Hybrid Cloud Storage Delivers a Secure, Reliable, and Low-cost Storage Service
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Leased Line Connection
Avoids congestion or cross-network jitter for un-interrupted connectivity between private and public clouds
Data Security
Multiple real-time customer data replicas for rapid data migration and recovery, with data reliability up to 99.9999%
Seamless Storage
Unified Public and Private cloud architecture and data management model for a seamless private and public cloud storage solution
Cost Saving
Leveraging the scaling and elastic billing of public cloud storage to reduce hardware and O&M costs


Deploy spiky business applications on the public cloud
Deploy steady business applications on the managed private cloud
Real-time multi-replica to enable public and private cloud to act as mutual disaster recovery
Multiple public and private cloud connectivity options for hybrid cloud disaster recovery
Seamlessly integrate private and public clouds with a consistent user experience
Significantly reduces costs and ensures data security with real-time offsite replicas
Remote data synchronization to enable cross-platform data backup and migration
Seamless connection to the cloud for a stable hybrid cloud storage network connectivity

Use Cases

IDC Data Center Expansion
Mutual Object Storage Backup
Hybrid Cloud DR
The original data in PETAexpress private cloud, and the extended data in PETAexpress public cloud
Mutual backup of multi-cloud object storage through the lease line or internet
SD-WAN and IPsec tunnels for cross-region and multi-region disaster recovery

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