A Distributed SAN Storage with Superb Performance and Reliability
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A software-defined distributed SAN storage system for mission-critical enterprise application. With 100% SSD and RDMA network design, it excels with sub-millisecond latency, up to millions of IOPS and 100TB single-volume capacity. NeonSAN breaks the performance and capacity bottleneck of distributed storage and is essential to the PetaExpress Cloud exceptional performance.


Data fragmentation and multi-replication to ensure consistency between replicas.Multi-path and redundancy architecture, so that each component independently completes fault detection, repair, and isolation for stable operation
100% SSD and distributed architecture with sub-millisecond latency and up to millions of IOPS.Smooth Online Node Expansion: Simplest I/O path, direct bare metal equipment management
Easy To Use
Customer management portal with auto deployment, O&M, and intelligent data lifecycle management etc.Complete backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure business continuity and data security.

Use Cases

Containerized Application
AI Application
HA for Physical Server
Cloud Resource Pooling
Critical Database
For more information about use cases and technical architecture, please contact our customer service team
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