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Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Flexible Scaling for Cost Control, User Experience and Business Continuity of Mobile Internet Business
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Elasticity and Flexibility
Scales resources according to application workloads to improve user experience and reduce Capex
Rapid new product development iteration and application deployment on the KubeSphere Platform
Big Data
1-click deployment to reduce the cost and O&M investment
Massive Storage
Diverse solutions covering distributed block storage, high-speed network storage, object storage


Scale load balancing hosts and network bandwidth through an elastic scaling policy
Utilizes container management platform for microservice governance, CI/CD capabilities
Financial-grade database Mysql Plus to ensure database high availability
Manage burst traffic with ease and lower costs
Rapid new product development and application deployment on the KubeSphere Platform
Improve business continuity and data security with database high availability

Use Cases

Traffic Burst
Business Continuity
Cost Control
20 million access capacity from the load balancing cluster for high concurrent access
Horizontal and dynamic scaling through the caching cluster and HA deployment mode
Master-slave architecture with instant switching, MySQL Plus cluster supports up to 1-master-6-slave database cluster
Unlimited horizontal scaling and fault detection to ensure horizontal scaling and high availability of business applications
One-master-multi-slave and multi-master-multi-slave architecture to ensure high availability and business continuity
Financial-grade consistency, instant master-slave switching, and InnoDB + TokuDB dual-storage engine for exceptional performance
Elastic scaling through the combination of load balancer cluster and auto-scaling service
Second-level billing and instant resource provisioning per demand to greatly reduce the TCO
Automated resource operations such as host on/off and bandwidth adjustment scheduled by timer per business plan

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