Access Management

Identity and Access Control Management Services Enable Authentication and Authorization of Connected Entities, and Access Permission of Your Resources.
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Centralized Control
Management by API,Services and Resources Mapping,Group Permission Policy Edit,Resource Management and Control
Secure Access
RSA Asymmetric Encryption,Ensure the Key Security,Set Credential Validity Time,Adjust Credential Permission
Composite Policy to Specific API,Simulate Evaluation Per Resource Range,Avoid Policy Permission Deviation
Account Creator ID, Host Creator ID,Sub-account Creator ID,Access Permission Setup
GUI Interface
GUI or Programming Mode,Comparative Permission Summary,Customized Permission Management,User Policy Version Comparison,Policy Change Identification
Read-Write/Read-Only API Management,Read-only/Maintenance/Sensitive Group,Assisted Permission Management,Precise Permission Management

Product Management

Policy Management
A policy is a collection of custom permissions
Identity Management
Authorize other platform devices or applications to access your cloud resources without account passwords or keys, through a temporary identity.

Use Cases

Collaboration Across Accounts
Granular Account Permissions
Cloud Resource Sharing
Key-free App Development


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