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 PetaExpress Web Application Firewall (WAF) Product

PetaExpress Web Application Firewall (WAF) Product

<p>Web Application Firewall (WAF) Product | PetaExpress Web Application Firewall (WAF) is capable of filtering, monitoring, and blocking HTTP/HTTPS traffic entering and leaving web applications. Utilizing cloud-based big data monitoring and learning engines, the WAF service intercepts various common attacks on web applications, such as SQL injection, XSS cross-site scripting, and website defacement, filtering out massive malicious accesses. It continuously updates protection strategies, thereby reducing the risk of website asset and data leakage and ensuring the high availability of web applications. Additionally, PetaExpress WAF service is deeply integrated with load balancers, allowing users to complete WAF configuration within 5 minutes and reducing deployment complexity.<br/></p>
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